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Can you put a finger at random on the fretboard and tell the name of that note without thinking? In 0.4 seconds or less? Can you do that effortlessly, anywhere on the fretboard? If you don't have this ability yet but want to develop it, you can start today itself and within a few weeks you can effectively acquire the skill and bring your playing to a higher level.

With Absolute Fretboard Trainer you will understand chords much better. No more "a finger here and a finger there...", but real notes - A, E, G, D.... You will learn chords faster. You'll also be able to create and improvise any chords on the spot. If you know which notes make a chord (e.g. C major = C + E + G) then you can immediately play it in many different ways and places, all over the fretboard, according to your inspiration and creativity.

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